What can I say, I LOVE THESE ALTS!

There is a lot of down talk on crypto lately, but we’re seeing the swing in public perception as the institutions are changing their tune as they roll out their own blockchain projects.

Don’t worry about Warren, he’s old and openly doesn’t understand this sort of thing.  Let him to his old stocks, he does REALLY well there.

Be careful with your Ledger, it’s not a joke, exploits and viruses are a serious threat to all your money.love these alts

ARK Whitepaper overview

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ARK taking the next leap

ARK is making a big move for the market as a whole.  With Point-of-Sale coming soon, we may see mainstream adoption of crypto within 2 – 4 years.

Smart Bridging and Encoded Listeners are making many things possible as the ETH and ARK blockchains have now been connected and so much more is possible.

JavaScript is considerably safer and more stable than Solidity if for no other reason than its age and robust usage.

Off-Chain tools, Game Tokens, Anonymization, IPFS & IPDB integration, and Fault Tolerance.

DPOS with 51 forging delegates

ark overview

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Crypto Powermove with Binance & Bermuda

Listen to the podcast this week for a differing perspective on the market & recent developments at BuildingCrypto.Today.

Binance makes a power move in a Bermuda partnership

IBM patenting IoT (Internet of Things) & Blockchain protocols

Binance makes a move to Malta from Hong Kong, time to move toward less government. Good luck China.

Big kahunas on some thieves in Dubai, after making off with $1.9M USD worth of BTC.  Cops tracked them down and “resolved” the problem in under 48 hrs.  Don’t mess with a dictatorial government…

binance bermuda

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Crypto Adoption Spreading to Big Government

Listen to the podcast this week for a differing perspective on the market & recent developments at BuildingCrypto.Today.

UN Adopts crypto for payment in Syrian refugee camps

BTC transaction fee has leveled out, but for how long?

Free market at its best with CheapAir going up while Coinbase kills itself.

DoJ is still out for blood in Centra case.

UN adopts crypto

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Crypto adotpion in US but still a lot of morons

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Coinbase investment fund on the horizon.  With an index looking to include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCash, there isn’t enough diversification for my liking, but I’m sure that will sky-rocket upon opening.  There are still a ton of legal rings to jump through, though this is changing across the US as several states have written some very accepting laws recently.  Support the podcast and invest when it rolls out if that’s your interest: https://www.coinbase.com/join/58ddbace00724d025c1fea6b


ETH to send an anonymous tx, people clearly don’t understand the tech.  Fortunately there are still 46K non-morons voting for Monero, but still rather unfortunate and doesn’t show much promise for our near future.  Then we see people like Warren Buffet furthering these misconceptions, it’s just too bad these people won’t do the least amount of reading or even listening.  I find it even more frustrating that 30 minutes of reading can still make me an expert in the industry.  We’re still overflowing with morons in the crypto space.  With nearly 28K people voting for



Vitalik’s sustained opposition to the ETH hard-fork supporting ASIC resistance is positioning Bitmain to be THE Ethereum miner, which is a significant concern for those of us worried about centralized control.  While they’re spread outside of China, they remain a Chinese owned and operated company.  The Chinese government has a way of swaying opinions of its citizens.  If they decide to make life difficult for Bitmain’s founders, Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan, we could potentially see the entire blockchain collapse.  This shows one of the biggest problems with PoS, but what else do we use?  Glad you asked, how about multiple blockchains.  There is only so much we can do as consumers and using multiple blockchains not only diversifies our interests and assets but also mitigates the damage a nation-state like China can cause.  We want the industry to be decentralized, but we need to practice the same with our own finances.

Crypto is Free Market, stay the course and you’ll be fine in the long-run.  We’re seeing a small spike now, but be careful as it looks ripe for another spike and dip before we see sustained growth.  Feel free to take advantage of the spike this coming tax season.  I see trends with flat prices, that might be THE indicator for a coming drop.  Just my thoughts and observations, I can’t really say for sure.


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Crypto speculators flee, taxation is theft, Vitalik backs miners & more

Listen to the podcast today for a differing perspective on the market as well as this alleged bounce.  Is this a good time to buy or will we see another spike and dip?

Proud parenting when your kid gets how bad the theft of taxation really is, at 13!

The crypto market is in a funk and I think we may see another spike & dip before we see a full recovery.  Turns out this is how markets act without manipulation.

Argentine Petro (PTR), yeah, it looks like scam trash because it is.  Never trust a Socialist.

Vitalik is all for ASICs, I say dump them and move on to consumer options.petro

Crypto is Free Market, stay the course and you’ll be fine in the long-run.


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Stellar Lumens & Kahikinui Project on Maui

Listen to the podcast today for a rundown of an amazing project on Maui, Stellar Lumens intro, an excerpt from Adam Kokesh’s Freedom, and an update on Do The Right Thing.

  • The Kahikinui Projectkck.st/2CEZOxH

An amazing project applying great common sense.  Get on over to their page and support for some jerky.

  • Today we take a look at Stellar Lumens and their potential use, roadblocks, and existing backing of some powerhouses like IBM.


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Ethereum security opens for ARK

Crypto –

I tend to disagree here, there have been a lot of spears thrown at Ethereum as they prepare for the Casper roll-out and big name data scientists are among them. Dahlia Malkhi at the early 2018 Financial Cryptography conference showed great concern for the new protocol’s safety and especially great concern for the fact that it isn’t yet live for robust testing.  I’m not a huge fan of Ethereum, but a switch from Proof-Of-Work to Proof-Of-Stake is a great idea, in my opinion, but also an immense undertaking.  We’re seeing a great deal of battling and advertising campaigns reigning fury down as company’s who have dedicated millions to mining operations may be put out of work any day.  Be careful reading through the fear campaigns as the motivators are less about the currency and more about the politics and personal benefits.  This is the equivalent of a teacher’s union finding out that online school is going to become the standard tomorrow with in person classes being a by exception policy.  This would mean the end of a way of life for millions of teachers and you can bet they would be conducting a full court press to stop the upgrade.

The benefits of the fear mongering, ARK.  These guys have been working their butts off for years now, quietly sneaking higher and higher in the Market Cap rankings.  They will be one of the best and most robust blockchains functioning upon release.  Granted, we’ve been waiting quite a while for that release and they are still a ways off.  In the event we can get a fully developed client this year, ARK will be an industry leader for years to come.  If they fail to achieve that and Cardano beats them, we may never actually see what they’ve got to offer.  This is a delicate balance of a fully working product vs a really good minimum viable product that might pull enough hear to push the rest of the competition out of the picture. Upside for ARK, they just got added to BINANCE, which makes them SO much more attainable.  Being on a single exchange just doesn’t quite scream importance.

ZCash hardfork = Free Money?

Zcash Hardfork

ZCash is prepared for a spring 2018 release of its next software version, OverWinter.  The upgrade will include some replay protections, ensuring money isn’t spent twice and one of the money recipients isn’t paid, then have that payment invalidated after parting with their product or service.  They state there will be improvements including transaction transparency, but no information explains that beyond a new format.  A transaction expiration will be set to 20 blocks which makes a great deal of sense, helping average consumers by setting an auto-cancellation if they don’t put enough gas into their purchase.  There is a hint that we’ll see ZCash on Coinbase with the new transaction format, but we’ll have to see what comes of that.  One thing we can say with some confidence is that there won’t be a chain split.  You might be able to make some quick money buying ZCash and selling right Jun 25th as I’m sure there will be a great deal of people expecting free money, I wouldn’t bet on it.  There is a fair bit of agreement in the community and they don’t want to see more fragmentation like the BitCoin community.


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The Right Thing, Just Do it!

If you know me or follow me at all, you know I’m all about doing the right thing anytime I’m able.  One of my best friends just recommended a KickStarter project to me, dedicated to rehabilitating some Native Hawaiian land, feeding poor and homeless people, and best of all, doing it in a sensible manner.  They’re using feral animals for food and are helping to regenerate approximately 4,500 acres of native land by doing so.

Aiding in reforestation, this project aims to harvest 250 tons of healthy, wild meat that need to be removed from the forests of Maui.  Take part on KickStarter or donate ETH at the address below.


KickStarter for a good cause: http://kck.st/2CEZOxH

As always, shoot me an email at Josh at BuildingCrypto.Today with any questions, concerns, or requests.  I’m happy to get you more info or cover something specific in the podcast for your.