PROOF might be a solution to the future economic shift

December 11, 2017


It’s Coming!

We have a solution, we have PROOF!

Open the market to real people, push out the fat cat cronies.

amp dashboardby Yoshertarian on December 13, 2017


It’s far past time for the institutions and their investors to take a step back.   Government has always coddled these groups, helping them amass more wealth while the masses are left to scrape together crumbs.   The insurance industry is no different.  People want more options, but government protected monopolies maintain the status quo.  Average people are prevented from making risky investments that could make the difference in them living in the same crummy neighborhood the rest of their life or changing their family for generations to come.  Government regulation that always seeks to “help” people inevitably hurts them by protecting them from themselves.  




PROOF is one of many coming waves that will change industry and open financial opportunities for the average human.  Are you an average person with a little extra money to invest?  Looking for the right thing to invest in?  PROOF offers you the opportunity to insure a home, camper, car, heck even a basketball team if you like.  Anyone wishing to be insured can utilize this platform for just that.  You can do the research to learn if that basketball team is risk prone.  You can do the research to learn that their point guard always injures their right ACL and stake that the contract will fail and they will become injured.  You may find yourself investing in a future Organic Coffee Farm in Laos, which you’ve done extensive research on.  You find it’s in a stable region with a low probability of flood or mudslides.  The owner wants to insure their property in event of flood and agrees to pay a monthly premium, just like regular insurance.  You & many others can insure them for 80-100% of their property’s value and collect those monthly premiums.

crypto growingThis model has HUGE uses in the US & UK where organic farms are often times unable to get insurance for their farms when allowing customers to tour the property.  Insurance companies simply won’t cover them.  The PROOF platform changes that.  Now farmer Joel Salatin can take out a policy, legally binding in his country, state, borough, etc, and pay a monthly premium for insurance against anyone becoming injured.  If he stops paying, your stake in his insurance comes back to you and you get to keep his premium payments.


This is just one platform in one industry ready to make massive waves in the market.  Now anyone can tokenize anything, insure it, and allow fans or investors the opportunity to benefit from it.  Not that AIG needs any help, but could this put them out of business?  Will this be the platform to put the GEICO Gecko down and help the average person rise up the financial ladder?


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