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Analyze before you buy, the market constantly changes

I’m getting blown up from folks wanting to get into Crypto.  This is partly due to trust and rapport, but also because I’m warning them to think and possibly wait for a pullback.  Why wait? Well, the market is at an all-time high, as usual.  We’ve seen enough 1-2 month pull backs that we should be expecting another.  My expectation, a lot of money will pull out to pay for Christmas credit card payments.  Then we’ll see a boat load of cash flood back in after US tax returns get paid in the March – April time frame.  This could all be completely wrong, I’m just guessing based upon my analysis of markets and human behavior.  My point in all this, look at the market history and the project whose crypto you want to buy before jumping in.


An ICO Freeze ?!?!? I doubt it, seriously

I’ve seen some real crazies out there ranting about ICOs getting frozen with the coming wave of regulations.  That may be a legitimate attempt by the US government, but it’s stupid.  I do agree with the massive crowd begging for regulations, but not for the same reason.  We need regulation just so people aren’t afraid of going to jail in a few years because some weirdo law gets rolled out and applied retro-actively.  It’s a very legitimate concern because of how flippant and unrealistic governments like to be.  In reality, no government is going to stop an ICO, they just push it farther into the grey/black market.  We’ll see within the next 5-10 years an entire, parallel economy operating in crypto alone and potentially paying no taxes on transactions simply because of unreasonable government regulations.  Nobody will care if an ICO is legal for us regular folk because it will be completely in the crypto space and anonymous.  Don’t sweat it, the world will continue and ICOs aren’t going to get banned or frozen or anything like that.  The big wall street fat cats are going to continue trying to co-opt the technology and push for regs that only allow “accredited investors” A.K.A. rich people, to be permitted to invest, but that closes off funding to startups and simply won’t be tolerated.  Technology is incredibly liberating and we’re seeing it finally liberate the commoners.

ico freeze

All the being said, check out a super legit app running it’s fund raising round right now.  They’re looking to make the ICO world legit, long before any regulators get their mind wrapped around the concept.  With this App, your grandmother will be able to confidently invest in an ICO.  This really is the future of legit ICOs, check it out and support the show today.  Be sure you have your VPN on, or aren’t a US citizen, they’re not allowed.  Hurry, it ends before Christmas and only requires 1 ETH.


Zilla, this really could be the future of ICOs for the general public:

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