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Who wants free Crypto?  It’s a giveaway and you can get in on it.kin

First 50 people can get up to 300 Kin each.

+100 KIN – Rate the Building Crypto Today podcast on iTunes.

+100 KIN – Subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

+10 KIN/per friend(up to 100 KIN) – Share the podcast with a friend interested in crypto. (Screenshot the message so we can know who to expect)

       “Hey, I found the Building Crypto Today podcast geared toward helping new people get into crypto.  Check it out and you can get some free crypto. www.BuildingCrypto.Today/FreeCrypto-1-18”

How to claim your free crypto

  1. Post that screenshot to the comments section of the post on BuildingCrypto.Today/FreeCrypto-1-18, OR on the post in the FaceBook Group, OR email it to Josh at BuildingCrypto.Today
  2. Must include your ETH address, because I can’t email you crypto.
    1. First to post the comment or email me gets the crypto.  This is to avoid someone claiming your work.

iTunes –

FaceBook Group –


Interested in getting started with Bitcoin or Crypto in general?

Looking to learn more about starting in crypto, check out the ultimate beginner’s guide.

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