ICO Season January 2018

We all love ICOs and I’ve got a couple good ones.

Latium – https://latium.org/welcome/joshBCTpodcast

John Mcaffee is on this one, that’s it.  They offer the same service as Boon Tech and EthLance, but neither of those have Mcaffee.

Boon Tech – https://boon.vc/registration/?refid=01201802033304

I heard about these guys from the Bad Crypto Podcast, some amazing folks over there.  The Boon Tech team is incredibly intelligent and certainly a team & project worth putting money behind.  There is some ID verification, so don’t wait.  I lost track of time this weekend and missed the 20% bonus and only got a 10%.  Get in there now before you miss out.

EtherDelta – https://crowdsale.etherdelta.com/

They are a pain to work with, but you can’t beat the ability to trade ANY ERC-20 token you want.  Their addition of a mobile app and adding BTC will be a real game changer.

Ignite Ratings – https://igniteratings.com/tokensale/  (Yoshertarian)


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