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I tend to disagree here, there have been a lot of spears thrown at Ethereum as they prepare for the Casper roll-out and big name data scientists are among them. Dahlia Malkhi at the early 2018 Financial Cryptography conference showed great concern for the new protocol’s safety and especially great concern for the fact that it isn’t yet live for robust testing.  I’m not a huge fan of Ethereum, but a switch from Proof-Of-Work to Proof-Of-Stake is a great idea, in my opinion, but also an immense undertaking.  We’re seeing a great deal of battling and advertising campaigns reigning fury down as company’s who have dedicated millions to mining operations may be put out of work any day.  Be careful reading through the fear campaigns as the motivators are less about the currency and more about the politics and personal benefits.  This is the equivalent of a teacher’s union finding out that online school is going to become the standard tomorrow with in person classes being a by exception policy.  This would mean the end of a way of life for millions of teachers and you can bet they would be conducting a full court press to stop the upgrade.

The benefits of the fear mongering, ARK.  These guys have been working their butts off for years now, quietly sneaking higher and higher in the Market Cap rankings.  They will be one of the best and most robust blockchains functioning upon release.  Granted, we’ve been waiting quite a while for that release and they are still a ways off.  In the event we can get a fully developed client this year, ARK will be an industry leader for years to come.  If they fail to achieve that and Cardano beats them, we may never actually see what they’ve got to offer.  This is a delicate balance of a fully working product vs a really good minimum viable product that might pull enough hear to push the rest of the competition out of the picture. Upside for ARK, they just got added to BINANCE, which makes them SO much more attainable.  Being on a single exchange just doesn’t quite scream importance.

ZCash hardfork = Free Money?

Zcash Hardfork

ZCash is prepared for a spring 2018 release of its next software version, OverWinter.  The upgrade will include some replay protections, ensuring money isn’t spent twice and one of the money recipients isn’t paid, then have that payment invalidated after parting with their product or service.  They state there will be improvements including transaction transparency, but no information explains that beyond a new format.  A transaction expiration will be set to 20 blocks which makes a great deal of sense, helping average consumers by setting an auto-cancellation if they don’t put enough gas into their purchase.  There is a hint that we’ll see ZCash on Coinbase with the new transaction format, but we’ll have to see what comes of that.  One thing we can say with some confidence is that there won’t be a chain split.  You might be able to make some quick money buying ZCash and selling right Jun 25th as I’m sure there will be a great deal of people expecting free money, I wouldn’t bet on it.  There is a fair bit of agreement in the community and they don’t want to see more fragmentation like the BitCoin community.

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Do the Right Thing –

Like every weekend, I spent this past Saturday morning doing a small part to reduce human suffering.  I make chicken and rice with soy sauce to hand out to homeless people in my area.  This weekend in particular I was letting them know about a hygiene trailer parked nearby.  None had any idea and were excited by the idea of a hot shower however, were 100% disinterested by the mere fact that they hate using anything provided by the government.  Every bit of help the government provides is of such poor quality and difficulty to obtain that most if not all would rather go without.  This highlights the core reason I have decided to do what I do, government ruins everything.  I don’t plan to stay in Hawai’i, so I saw little reason to get involved with local government.  I wanted to help people, but most simply would rather never leave their house.  Homeless people aren’t going to see any significant change in their lives until they’re ready to make change.  I decided not to ask permission or try to help an organization provide to the homeless.  I chose to just do the little bit that I could.  I go out every weekend to serve 8-10 homeless people with a hot meal.  I keep my contribution to 2 hours and under $20.  That is what I find reasonable and still having an impact, improving the lives of others, as much as possible.  The reason I share this is not to brag but to demonstrate the idea of doing th right thing.  When we look to government or “someone” to do “something”, we cede control over our own lives.  Take it upon yourself to fix a problem when you see it.  Don’t make yourself broke, but do any little thing you can to make the world around you a better place before expecting “someone” to do “something”.


Freedom –

I have deep passion for many things. Once upon a time, I was adamant about supporting the Libertarian Party, but they have unfortunately become yet another corrupt party so focused on the benefit of the part that they have forgotten their ideals and principles. Their poor decisions and backing of repugnant candidates has helped me to get to my root passion, Freedom. Everything I pursue with a passion in life is based upon that singular concept. Farming & homesteading, hunting & fishing, crypto, these are all driven by my deep desire to provide for myself the highest quality food, service, and general experience without government interference.

Freedom the book is awesome, but closer to a screenplay. This is what I imagine to be the script of an amazing documentary. It would lead with footage of the People’s Liberation Army building the foundation for the greater good. Mao’s revolutionaries taking guns to create a safer society, then most efficiently lining up bodies to ensure a bullet goes through as many dissidents’ heads as possible.  In the philosophy of Jack Spirko, think of government as any other person, don’t give your best friend any more power than you would your worst enemy, sooner or later that worst enemy will be in the position of power.

This book is well done however, in today’s society of 45 second attention spans, we might need to chop it up more. Adam has expressed some plans to do this, this is my attempt to help as well as put a different perspective and voice to it. I say this not to dilute his message, but give another perspective to one of his many supporters. This book would be more appropriately named, “Freedom, The Beginner’s Guide”. You are successfully taken from beginning Freedom Philosophy all the way to present day, including actions steps to secure freedom in your life. This will be called the Freedom segment from this point forward. Crypto is based on freedom of association and freedom of commerce, most importantly of all, freedom from control. Crypto has been explicitly designed to prevent control and allow only 100% voluntary interactions. Understanding the basis of freedom is vital to this industry. Whether you’re Kokesh 2020, a new student of freedom and liberty, or just someone who appreciates a differing perspective, I’d love to hear your perspective.

From Adam Kokesh’s book, Freedom:

The Philosophy of Freedom

Freedom is what you have when no one is forcing their will on you. Everyone inherently recognizes this as a good thing because we all value our power to make decisions. We all value making decisions without being threatened. Unfortunately, most of us have not taken the time to consider the precise nature of freedom and its foundation in universal undeniable principles. Applying those principles to big issues may be complicated, but the concept of freedom is not. When applied consistently, it shows the way to a more harmonious society. If somebody is forcing their will on us, clearly, we are not free. So perhaps it is helpful to think of freedom not as a substance, but as an ideal state of social harmony in which no one is forcing their will on anyone else. A violation of freedom is an attack on a particular victim whose will is being forcibly hindered by taking their life, stealing their property, or threatening them with assault. Freedom is not just an ideal state of society, but a moral code for respecting the rights of others. Self-ownership is an integral part of being human. You own yourself. You own your body. You own your labor. For anyone to assert otherwise is to attempt to restrict your freedom or make you a slave. Because you own yourself, it is wrong for someone to initiate force against you or your property. Acceptance of this simple fact is the foundation of a free and peaceful society. This universal nonaggression principle applies to everyone, and it is therefore wrong to kill, injure, assault, steal from, or threaten another person. Anyone who directly violates others, supports the violation of others, or violates others on behalf of someone else is holding us back from achieving our potential through the harmonious and mutually beneficial transactions that take place in freedom.


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