Crypto Powermove with Binance & Bermuda

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Binance makes a power move in a Bermuda partnership

IBM patenting IoT (Internet of Things) & Blockchain protocols

Binance makes a move to Malta from Hong Kong, time to move toward less government. Good luck China.

Big kahunas on some thieves in Dubai, after making off with $1.9M USD worth of BTC.  Cops tracked them down and “resolved” the problem in under 48 hrs.  Don’t mess with a dictatorial government…

binance bermuda

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Freedom & Do The Right Thing

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  • Do The Right Thing, help others in need. If you want to provide to homeless in your area, these are some common things they generally need.
    • Things to donate
      • Rain Coat
      • Tarp
      • Trash Bags
      • Shoes
      • Blankets
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      • Band Aids
      • Peroxide
      • Neosporin


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