Welcome to the only online radio show on the internet dedicated to Free Homestead Community Farming. Now I realize that might sound a little bit crazy. Well that’s because it is, that’s just the tag line, though it’s not too far from the truth.

Nothing is free, but we do have an achievable goal of freedom in your lifetime. Before you decide if this is for you or not, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do you believe in freedom for yourself & others?
  2. Do you want nothing to do with a controlling HOA?
  3. Do you like the idea of living close where your some of your food is grown, or optionally growing some of your own food?
  4. Do you like to hang out with like-minded people in your free-time?

If you answered yes to those 4 questions, this might be for you.


Ever heard of crypto-currency? How about Bitcoin, Ethereum, maybe Monero? If not, that’s fine, because we’re looking to help you in the next step to free market in your life. Come learn about crypto and feel free to reach out for some help.



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Build a more free economy for tomorrow

With the spread of the internet has come the spread of society and the associated social connections. Never in human history would a person living within a mile of 5 people, let alone 1K or more people, have said they’re lonely.

It is remarkable how many people are actively engaged in crypto, yet the term, “in real life” is incredibly common as we struggle to find anyone we know, in real life, and in the crypto world.

Next Steps…

    Whether you want to do some trading, learn a little about Bitcoin or Crypto, or try your hand at making millions in crypto, this is a great first step. Join the community of like-minded, freedom oriented, free-marketeers.

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