Get your piece of the Swarm City Community going.

Swarm City is the next logical step in economic development, be an early adopter, a Pioneer and Swarm-Out of the government controlled economy. Steer clear of the middlemen and crap regulations destroying small businesses. Avoid the hurdles government creates with Swarm City, be the first to build your own hastag or jump on an existing one like needaride. Get that business running! Here is step 1.

Get your crypto-currency for the Swarm City Community

  1. Open a CoinBase account       OR
    1. As an alternative see 2.2
  2. Open a Swarm.City wallet
    1. Back up you wallet with a JSON & hash for quick restoration if needed.
    2. If needed, exchange some cash with a fellow Swarm City Community member for some Swarm City Tokens (SWT)
  3. Make an exchange from your Coinbase account, or whatever wallet you choose to use. coinbase acct_address label
    1. Use for reliable exchanges.
    2. Get SWT wallet address by clicking emoji/picture, then clicking small number under name.
      1. Once it expands copy/paste it to
    3. Go over to your Coinbase account, click the accounts tab.
      1. Click to “Get BitCoin address”, or Ethereum, or whatever you happen to be using to fund this exchange.
        1. Paste that address into the “Refund” box on
  4. Make the transfer and give it maybe 5 minutes.



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