A lot of questions about making Kombucha and even more people giving you a super complex process to make it. I’m still a beginner, but I know enough to make a drinkable batch for myself AND my kids.



If you’re here, you probably understand the benefits of Kombucha already, so lets go ahead and skip that and get straight into making a rolling batch for your own endless supply.

  1. Get a SCOBY from a neighbor on Facebook or Nextdoor. This is the “How” to make Kombucha.
      • Amazon is where I got mine because nobody local was advertising any.

  2. Get a large pitcher, i started with a gallon container and rubber banded a coffee filter over the top to keep dust and dirt out.

  • I’ve since upgraded. My wife found one with a plastic spigot at Ross for me, this is the closest I’ve been able to find on Amazon. Metal will react with the ferment, stay plastic. You’ll also want something wide enough to get your hand inside for the occasional washing.

3. Make sure everything is super clean.

4. Make 1 gal of sweet tea however you like it, but make sure you only put in natural sugar. The bacteria need that to ferment.

  • Dont’ worry, there won’t be much sugar in there if you let it set more than 5-7 days.

5. Let it cool to room temp.

6. Combine SCOBY, sweet tea, and (1 cup white vinegar or old batch of Kombucha) in your container.

7. Store in a cool dark place for  a 5-7 days. (you’ll make your own time schedule after a while. You forgeyt about a batch for 2 weeks and it’s pure vinegar and you never do that again. You’ll find the sweet spot that works for you based on house temp and other environmental variables.)

8. Get some mason jars and bottle it up and put it in the refrigerator.

9. Plastic lids can be used if you want to add some fresh fruit to do a second ferment in the bottles for 2-3 days to create the fizziness. Don’t shake it, the carbonation can cause it to explode, so I hear.


*My Kombucha opinion* Just jar it and throw juice concentrate in to your own taste liking. Theoretically you should wash the jar out really well after every use, but that would cause me to never make any. I just ensure everything is clean when I make a batch. The environment is so acidic you don’t have to worry too much about bad stuff growing. You also want to ensure you keep it dust free. Any outside junk that gets in will colonize undesirable bacteria and can drastically alter the flavor.


These are my favorite mason jars for Kombucha. Not as huge and hard to handle as the fat ones.

You’d want this type of plastic lid if you want to pursue the fizz.


Learn more about this sort of thing on the weekly podcast.

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