Follow the Blockchain ledger and see a Swarm City transaction (TX) work. See how the Swarm City BlockChain actually looks.

Swarm City transaction


See a Swarm City transaction happen in the blockchain. If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard about this mysterious blockchain and want to know more about how it actually works. Even with cool infographics like this from Deloitte (, it’s still difficult to figure out what’s going on in this mysterious “blockchain”. In this video I show you how the data actually looks as we follow a Swarm City transaction with Swarm City Tokens and also how Ether plays a role, as I take you step by step through the ledger & I pull out a small profit. You’ll see a Swarm City transaction ledger walk-through and be able to do the same thing when you buy or sell tokens.

Swarm City transaction ledger

Comment and share the info. If you’ve got any feedback, please feel free to send it over. If you’d like to contribute, shoot me an email at Josh at buildingcrypto.Today


You’ll see a lot more Swarm City info coming out as that is a big project I’m looking to get behind and help move forward. It really is an economy changer whose time is coming. That is to say, it’s still not quite here yet. As the development moves forward and the technology advances and becomes easier for users to work with, we’ll see more and more people adopting it. Like this website, Swarm City is all about building a community, that is a purely business community, while this one is much more blended. Some of us are interested primarily in politics, others in gardening & homesteading, while some are more tech leaning, then a majority are interested in the broad spectrum.

If you’ve got questions or comments, want to see something specific covered, or want to come on and join the conversation, give me a shout at Josh at buildingcrypto.Today

If you’re looking for a way to protect & grow freedom, mitigate the state as much as possible, live near and work with like-minded people, I’m looking for you. We’re building a community with an agricultural center-piece that will contain small home lots, but will be a community designed with intent. This is to be a neighborhood where you know & talk to your neighbors, do business with them and look out for one another’s property and family.

If you like this sort of thing check out www.buildingcrypto.Todayand be a part of this community as we build a bigger, better one for tomorrow.

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