What is a VPN?

A simple question, what is a VPN turns out to be something not many non-tech folks really understand. It’s certainly not just a way to “get to bad stuff” anymore than using cash is a way to partake in human trafficking. Don’t fall prey to the fear mongering of those that just don’t understand.


So, what is a VPN? Imagine it as a pipe coming from your house to anywhere you choose. You pick a VPN service and they have a list of usable endpoint you can connect to, so pick whichever you like. ExpressVPN regularly updates theirs to offer the ability for us to watch the sports and shows we like from anywhere across the world, or access websites our government doesn’t like. China is renowned for this sort of censorship.

What about this “pipe”? Well like a pipe, you probably just have water coming through it into your house, but it could be beer or Kool aid too. That’s the awesome thing, nobody knows because that pipe is encrypted.

What is it actually doing? A VPN gives you a SECURE path to anywhere your VPN offers and lets you access the content you want from there. This protects you from being spied on by hackers and lets you get to content that might otherwise be inaccessible.

What is a VPN and why do you need one?

In event you’re not the tech-savvy type and don’t know what a VPN is, or why you need one, check this out. This is a pretty solid example & explanation.


There are a ton more reasons to have a VPN, this is just the most obvious and most regularly applicable.


How do you get a VPN and which one is best? Well I’m partial from my experience so I prefer Express VPN. Not only are the reasonably priced and SUPER EASY to use, but they also don’t record your data. A lot of VPNs, dare I say most, record your data as it leaves their end, then they sell it. That undermines my goals, so I stick with Express. Check them out today.

Want to watch your team online, see the newest movie on Netflix? Shoot them an email asking which node to catch Netflix on from another country and they’ll let you know which is working at the moment. This is to keep companies from blocking them instantly, which means a little work for you, but a sure thing in watching your favorite shows or teams.




The main reason I use a VPN, I like to use Coinbase and other crypto sites, no matter where I am and don’t want anyone knowing my passwords. Learn more about crypto.