Analyze Before You Buy*ICO Shutdown?

Building Crypto Today Podcast

Analyze before you buy, the market constantly changes

I’m getting blown up from folks wanting to get into Crypto.  This is partly due to trust and rapport, but also because I’m warning them to think and possibly wait for a pullback.  Why wait? Well, the market is at an all-time high, as usual.  We’ve seen enough 1-2 month pull backs that we should be expecting another.  My expectation, a lot of money will pull out to pay for Christmas credit card payments.  Then we’ll see a boat load of cash flood back in after US tax returns get paid in the March – April time frame.  This could all be completely wrong, I’m just guessing based upon my analysis of markets and human behavior.  My point in all this, look at the market history and the project whose crypto you want to buy before jumping in.


An ICO Freeze ?!?!? I doubt it, seriously

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