SteemIt The Blockchain & Next Gen Facebook

If you’re like most people, you share your life and cool things from other’s lives on the regular over FaceBook & YouTube.  This doesn’t do much for you beyond waste time and generate revenue for the news/social media giants.  This causes some hard feelings for a lot of people. We share things we might want others to see and FaceBook or even YouTube then decides to take it down because some snowflake got their feelz hurt.  Even better is when you’ve built a business and life on one of these platforms and they decide overnight to completely change the business model and cut you off.  That garbage ruins lives!  This is why I laugh when I hear Mark Suckerburg talking about decentralization, he doesn’t want that anymore than a government.  Al decentralization means is a way for central authorities to cease to be of value or use.  No, he’s not serious about it anymore than wanting to boost stock prices and launch a token to make more money.  It will continue to be centrally controlled and funnel all value into their company and away from the real value producers, us.


A better solution to FaceBook and Youtube, Steemit

SteemIt isn’t quite like Facebook and DTube is remarkably similar to YouTube, but neither is ready for showtime.  They are getting closer by the day.  D.Tube is opening up the gates for video producers and viewers.  SteemIt is the platform both use, but the awesome part about blockchain is that they allow for various interfaces to the exact same data.  D.Tube, SteemIt, and D.Sound allow anyone to post content, no big deal though, right?  For every like your post gets, you get crypto, just a little bit, but you get some.  If you post the greatest meme of the week, you make a couple hundred $$$ worth of Steem.  Steem isn’t a company, but a community, so there is no benefit to making anyone rich without making everyone rich.  You’re finally paid what you’re worth for the content you create.  You can also check out cool info on different interfaces like and, it’s too cool!  You can even get paid for liking and sharing quality content.

Don’t get too worked up, you’re not going to get rich for nothing or overnight.  There is a great deal of competition on SteemIt and you’ll have to earn your rewards.  Get some STEEM ($40 worth?), power up your Steem Power and start creating and curating content.  What that means for you if you’re brand new, post, like, and Share stuff, then you get some money.  Now, let’s get into some of the more technical & ugly details.

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